Illuminating Dark Nights With Solar Spot Lights

If it is a dark night and an area is regularly plagued by darkness being an shaded spot despite being important for the location, or if the place does not have adequate power supply facilities, inhabitants need not get worried. A very useful alternative exists for them in the form of solar spot lights.

Solar Spot Lights Types

Usually two types of solar spot lights are available in the market. These are as follows.

� Solar spot lights those are single lighting units.

� Lights those are used as a set of such lights.

Paired Solar Spot Lights

Normally a couple of lights are installed with their corresponding solar panels. These panels can be placed near the lights or at some distance from them. However, for best effects it will always be good placing the panels a few feet away from the solar lights.

Distance Factor

An essential part of the installation of any solar light system is the distant factor that refers to the distance between the light and the panels. Such distance helps the panels to absorb the sun light optimally charging them the best way. Exposure of lighting devices to sun is not as important as is the exposure of the solar panels to the sun. Longer and proper exposure to sunshine ensures longer life span for the solar lights.

Storage and Generation

Other important part in the use of solar outdoors or other solar light fixtures is the storage and generation of power. Such storage and generation will enable the light to illuminate multiple LED units. Usually 5-10 LED units should be there in the solar spot lights so that they can provide adequate illumination and brightness. Strong and focused light is the characteristics of the best solar spot light justifying its name.

Importance of LED

Solar spot lights that has only one or two LEDs will give less illumination. One LED will give illumination equivalent to the one generated by half a candle. On the other hand multiple LEDs will give much more generation of illuminations in comparison. That basically is the difference between the accent solar lights used in the stair cases or driveways and the solar spot lights used to focus and illuminate objects.